Friday, October 17, 2008

My New ETSY Shop

I have just set up a shop to sell my cards and other stamped projects. You can find it here. The name of my shop is Stamping Susan's Shop. To find me using the Seller's username search, type in StampingSusan. I added a link to the right sidebar. A lot of the cards that I have featured here on my blog are now for sale. If you visit and don't see a project that you are interested in buying, just let me know. But, please be patient, I'm still figuring out all the features of ETSY. My pictures, in the listing have the tops cut off. WHY?! I will try to figure it out soon. To see the entire card or other project, just click on the picture and you will see the entire picture. Hopefully I will get this fixed quickly. Thanks for looking!

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